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  • F.A.Q: Speedi-Sleeves

    The quickest, smartest way to repair worn shafts. From scored to restored in less than 5 minutes. Speedi-Sleeve,® manufactured to precise specifications by SKF, is a thin wall shaft repair sleeve which requires no change in seal size after repair of shaft.

    3. How are Speedi-Sleeves installed? - Top

    Each Speedi-Sleeve is built with a removable installation flange. Also included is a tool for easy “pull-on” installation. Pull-on installation avoids the possibility of distortion from heating or other installation methods. Speedi-Sleeves are designed to install without removal of the shaft, for reduced equipment downtime. Speedi-Sleeves can be installed to any depth required. A custom tool can be easily fabricated to make deeper installations if necessary. If a longer tool is needed, a length of tubing or pipe can be substituted if the ends are cut off squarely and deburred. If the shaft is deeply scored, fill the groove with powdered metal epoxy filler and install the Speedi-Sleeve before the filler hardens, otherwise apply a non-hardening sealant to the shaft. Drop Speedi-Sleeve into the installation tool end so that only the flange projects. Then gently pound the center of the tool until the sleeve reaches the point which was measured. Prior to installation, use a side cutters to cut through the flange to the tear groove (per-cut line). Pry the flange from the seal surface horizontally alongthe shaft axis after the sleeve is in position. The flange will separate along the tear groove.

    For more detailed information, click this link to view the online SKF Seal Handbook (catalog # 457010):
    Speedi-Sleeve Installation - Updated: January 20, 2003

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